SCHOELLER BLECKMANN Edelstahlrohr GmbH (SBER), a member of the Tubacex Group, is a global manufacturer of high quality seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes. With a clear and successful strategy based on offering customers a high level of flexibility, first-class service, the highest quality standards and absolute responsibility, SBER ranks among the most important manufacturers worldwide continuing the tradition established by the entrepreneurs Schoeller and Bleckmann more than 130 years ago.

Based in Ternitz (Lower Austria), SBER´s products are offered to the oil and gas sector, chemical and petrochemical industries, power generation plants, industrial furnaces and mechanical engineering sector, among others; the possible areas of use are practically unlimited. All our products are distributed all over the world through the huge commercial net of the Tubacex Group.

We offer highest quality tubes and pipes, which is essential for the applications they are used for. Our tubes and pipes are constantly offered where extreme conditions prevail (temperature, pressure and corrosion).

As a part of Tubacex Group, SBER offers fully integrated solutions for highly critical application, complex projects and special customer demands. Our most important concern is the satisfaction of our customers and the worldwide presence of the Group, which enables us to fulfill customer requirements quick and reliable.