Introduction to Our Products

SBER´s product portfolio includes a range of more than 50 stainless steel grades and nickel alloys to manufacture its tubes and pipes. Focused on customer satisfaction, SBER complies the specific requirements with a dimensional range from OD 6mm (0,24’’) to 250mm (9,84’’) and a wall thickness from 0,7mm (0,027’’) to 45mm (1,77’’). We offer straight tubes up to a length 32m (105’ ft.), as well as coiled tubes in our umbilical production.

The manufacturing methods applied at SBER reflect state-of-the-art technology in accordance with international standards. Depending on the product approach a seamless stainless steel pipe or tube can pass up to 100 production steps before getting its final approval. To get the quality required by our customers, SBER offers a certified laboratory in house where our tubes and pipes are checked in detail with last generation equipment. Our laboratory allows us to perform several destructive testing methods, chemical testing, corrosion testing, penetration testing, metallurgical testing and mechanical/technological testing).

In addition, our tubes and pipes are also tested and controlled during the production process with non-destructive testing such as ultrasonic test, eddy current test, penetration test, hydro-pressure test or material identification test.

Our Products

Hydraulic /

Hydraulic & Instrumentation

Hydraulic & Instrumentation Tubes are important components in hydraulic and instrumentation systems to protect and partner with other components, devices or instruments to secure the safe and trouble-free operations of oil and gas plants, petrochemical processing, power generation and other critical industrial applications. Consequently, the demand on the quality of tubes is very high.

SBER has a high competence in the development and manufacturing of these precision-tube products with a long history which started in 1962. Recent developments in the Tubacex Group, namely the establishment of an Innovation Centre in Spain and a production footprint in Asia, are supporting SBER to continuous strengthen its capabilities into the future. SBER´s Hydraulic and Instrumentation Tube portfolio includes a wide dimensional range with outside diameter from 6 mm to 42 mm, and wall thickness from 1 mm to 5 mm.

Our steel assortment consists of more than 10 steel grades including Austenitic & Heat-Resistant Stainless Steels, Duplex and High Nickel Alloys. Our tubes feature a smooth, bright and uniform surface finish with a maximum developed length of up to 15 meter or custom lengths as request. Our tubes are manufactured in accordance to major International Standards such as ASTM, ASME, EN or ISO. To ensure the high quality of our tubes, we perform 100% Eddy Current Testing and 100% PMI Testing.

Heat Exchanger

SBER´s heat exchanger tube portfolio includes a range of more than 20 steel grades between austenetic (standard and heat resistant), duplex, super austenitic and high nickel alloy. The tube size range consists of outside diameters ranging from 12 mm to 60 mm and wall thickness from 0.8mm to 4mm. SBER can supply both, straight as well as U-bend tubes with maximum length up to 37 meters.

Special size requirements can be considered for production. Tubes are manufactured according to all major international standards such as ASTM/ASME/EN/DIN/GOST. SBER supplies heat exchanger tubes for several critical applications, which require high corrosion resistance materials and highest quality standards to be maintained. Some of these applications include condensers, coolers, evaporators, heaters in refinery, petrochemical, chemical, oil/gas, organic and inorganic acids, hydro metallurgy, power generation and desalination.

The heat exchanger tubes are manufactured by extrusion process followed by pilgering and/or drawing. Our facilities are equipped with all the machines required to cover the process with a high quality results (extrusion press, stretch reducer, pilger machines, draw benches, straightening
machine, degreasing facility, bright annealing furnaces and stabilization furnaces). SBER also has key shop approvals such as TUV and NORSOK.

This qualification was process is completed with our in house quality testing of chemical composition and mechanical properties (Tensile, Impact, Hardness). Non-destructive testing includes hydro test, eddy current test and ultrasonic test. Quality department is also equipped to carry out in house corrosion tests such as inter-granular corrosion test and critical pitting corrosion test as well as microstructure analysis. Any other special testing requirement can be carried out at third party labs.

Umbilical Tubing

The Tubacex Group has grown to one of the main suppliers of Seamless Stainless Steel and Nickel alloy tubes for the Oil&Gas industry (onshore, offshore, power generation and other applications) from the Upstream to the Downstream through the Midstream. The Oil&Gas industry is a keystone in the Tubacex strategy being present in the market of base tubular products for Flowlines, Riser, Manifold, Jumpers, Loops and Subsea umbilicals.

The steel Umbilical tubes are manufactured in SBER. A key point in our strategy was to take the decision of making a huge investment (2011) in a state of the art tube mill, fully dedicated to the production of umbilical tubing. This new production unit integrates the best available technologies and know-how for the production of the best quality product. Highly automatic facilities and a fully integrated traceability system contributes to a very costly efficient product.

Subsea umbilicals are control lines used in offshore wells where an assemblies of control valves, gauges and chokes are installed on the ocean floor to control oil and gas flow in a completed well. Umbilicals make up part of Tubacex SURF product package (Subsea, Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines) for offshore. Umbilicals are resistant to sea water environments and fluids transmitted through the tubes.

SBER produces umbilical tubes according to customer specifications. The tubes can be manufactured in single-piece long straight length, or welded and coiled on reels.

Fertilizer Products

Fertilizer production plants need to withstand severe corrosion conditions. For this reason, engineering firms, manufacturers, end-users or any company involved in the process must rely on cutting-edge tube producers. SBER has extensive experience in the fertilizer industry and has supplied Heat Exchange tubing for many Urea HP components since more than 40 years.

In our Special Tube Mill we manufacture seamless tubes for fertilizer production equipment using high purity steel either produced in our Tubacex steel mill or purchased from our long-term business partners. Our quality control department supervises every step in the production process complying with the most stringent international codes and standards. We supply seamless stainless steel tubes in the most common urea grades: 316L UG (1.4435), 25.22.2 (1.4466) or S32906, as well as some other grades used in Nitric Acid for demanding acid environments or applications. Tubes of these grades have capable proven track records and are meeting the strict requirements in the operation of urea plants. The most typical applications for SBER/Tubacex tubes in the Urea field are strippers, condensers, scrubbers or HP piping.