Fertilizer Products

Fertilizer production plants need to withstand severe corrosion conditions. For this reason, engineering firms, manufacturers, end-users or any company involved in the process must rely on cutting-edge tube producers. SBER has extensive experience in the fertilizer industry and has supplied Heat Exchange tubing for many Urea HP components since more than 40 years.

In our Special Tube Mill we manufacture seamless tubes for fertilizer production equipment using high purity steel either produced in our Tubacex steel mill or purchased from our long-term business partners. Our quality control department supervises every step in the production process complying with the most stringent international codes and standards. We supply seamless stainless steel tubes in the most common urea grades: 316L UG (1.4435), 25.22.2 (1.4466) or S32906, as well as some other grades used in Nitric Acid for demanding acid environments or applications. Tubes of these grades have capable proven track records and are meeting the strict requirements in the operation of urea plants. The most typical applications for SBER/Tubacex tubes in the Urea field are strippers, condensers, scrubbers or HP piping.