Umbilical Tubing

The Tubacex Group has grown to one of the main suppliers of Seamless Stainless Steel and Nickel alloy tubes for the Oil&Gas industry (onshore, offshore, power generation and other applications) from the Upstream to the Downstream through the Midstream. The Oil&Gas industry is a keystone in the Tubacex strategy being present in the market of base tubular products for Flowlines, Riser, Manifold, Jumpers, Loops and Subsea umbilicals.

The steel Umbilical tubes are manufactured in SBER. A key point in our strategy was to take the decision of making a huge investment (2011) in a state of the art tube mill, fully dedicated to the production of umbilical tubing. This new production unit integrates the best available technologies and know-how for the production of the best quality product. Highly automatic facilities and a fully integrated traceability system contributes to a very costly efficient product.

Subsea umbilicals are control lines used in offshore wells where an assemblies of control valves, gauges and chokes are installed on the ocean floor to control oil and gas flow in a completed well. Umbilicals make up part of Tubacex SURF product package (Subsea, Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines) for offshore. Umbilicals are resistant to sea water environments and fluids transmitted through the tubes.

SBER produces umbilical tubes according to customer specifications. The tubes can be manufactured in single-piece long straight length, or welded and coiled on reels.